Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks for nothing, Katy Perry.

Nope. No. N'unh-hunh.

First Katy had to go and write an anthem for shit-bag sluts who kiss other sluts at Daytona or wherever (just so that douche bag, meat heads will like them better) thus saying "no thanks" to gay and women's rights. Now she's painted a smiley faced heart on a body suit and wants to charge you a cool fifteen bucks for it.

"Designed" by Katy perry, indeed. My nieces "design" sweatshirts with puffy paint all the time. The end result looks retarded, and so does this. At least throw some Lisa Frank stickers on it or something.

Also, we're not doing bodysuits again, are we? I hope (if we do) we can pair them with chokers again, a la Brenda Walsh of the real 90210.


Also, thanks, Beth Ditto. I love you, girl:



  1. I thought I hated Katy Perry mostly for her striking resemblence to the fantastic Zooey Deschanel. But no, you've given me a lengthy list of new reasons as to why I choose to loathe her.

  2. more more more. This is my new favorite blog.